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Radionics Machine Group Work Requests

Radionics Machine Group Work Requests

If you would like to ask radionics machine users for group help on a task or treatment please use the form below.

Only requests to help world peace, benefit mankind, the planet, or an individual will be posted.

No racism, bad language, abusive or likewise comments will be tolerated.


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Radionics Work Requests:

For: Elizabeth's Son
Subject: Help with healing
Action Needed:
I would like help healing my son from a chronic neurological disorder.
He is such a happy boy but his body is attacking itself. I hope with
healing intention his body can reset.
For: Jim
Radionics Subject: No nuclear explosive missiles
Action Needed:
We wish that Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea will not fire any
nuclear missiles capable of mass destruction at any nation.
For: Renee
Radionics Subject: Help a spirit move on.
Action Needed:
My deceased father Joe hangs about and sucks energy could somebody please help make him leave.
For: JIM
Radionics Subject: no nukes
Action Needed:
We wish that Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea will not fire any
weapons of mass destruction at any nation or body of water or ice.

Thank you for your help on behalf of all users


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