Genie Radionics Machine 3000 Pro Orgone Manifesting Machine

The Genie Radionics Machine 3000 Pro Manifesting Machine

Best Manifesting machine ever, these devices are also known as a Wishing machine. the Genie 3000 Pro device gives the user the power to affect change in any person, in any situation, in any animal, pet, or agricultural crop anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. 

   Bitcoin Payments NOW Accepted with 5% Discount Off Listed Price 

radionics machine psychotronic device wishing machine


This amazing manifestation machine makes manifesting and the Law of Attraction child’s play. With its six-rate dials, broadcast antenna, and hugely powerful orgone generator. You will be manifesting your heart’s desires in no time at all.

  • Rid your agricultural crops of pests and disease anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.
  • The best manifesting machine in its class.
  • Produce bumper crops you never thought were possible.
  • Have ultimate control over relationships.
  • Improve your or a client’s financial situation.
  • Take control of day-to-day situations.
  • Attract your ideal partner.
  • Remove a curse, generational curses voodoo curses new or old it makes no difference to the Genie 3000 Pro.
  • Finally, attract that person who doesn’t even seem to even know you exist.
  • Achieve the ultimate drug-free competitive edge in any sports.

Can you use a radionic machine to Improve health and vitality?

Quite simply yes, you can even use the Genie 3000 Pro to improve the health and vitality of your water, seeds, garden plants and trees, crops, livestock & pets.

The 3000 Pro now Includes our new dedicated 30c Potency remedy maker & copier. You can now copy an existing remedy or make a new remedy from any rate, from any base 10 rate book, with just a press of a button. (Image coming soon)

Vortex Ring Generator Compatible (Vortex Ring Generator not included available separately)

Make structured energetic Living water in minutes

More Features + Free Shipping + Free Software

The Genie 3000 Pro Radionics machine’s New & Improved Features: 


radionics machine Genie 3000 Pro wishing machine

It’s Really An Unfair Advantage


The latest addition to the 3000 Pro Manifesting Machine is its new General Vitality Analysis Duel function Dial 1 feature, This allows you to:

  • Douse session times & treatment repetitions.
  • Gauge your progress in sessions.
  • Choose the correct supplements, vitamins & foods.

All our 6 dial machines use all 6 rate dials for the trend rate-setting, this gives the operator far greater rate accuracy for remedies, radionics analysis & manifesting. The Witness is automatically targeted as soon as the witness sample is placed on the witness plate.

The latest addition to the 3000 Pro is its new General Vitality Analysis (Dial 1) feature, This allows you to calculate session times & repetitions, and also gauge your progress in sessions.

The General Vitality Analysis can also be used to help you choose remedies & times etc.

The Witness or Target is automatically linked as soon as the witness sample is placed on the witness plate.

Having all six rate dials at your disposal, compared to other three-dial devices on the market is a massive advantage when it comes to using Base 10 rates from rate books. Having twice as many dials allows for double the accuracy, which in its self relates to a better quality product when creating remedies and sessions, and a higher level of accuracy and effectiveness overall.

Improved Living Water, Rejuvenate and re-energize dead tap and bottled water with revitalizing life force.

Genie Radionics machine Rife Frequency Input:

The 3000 Pro can accept Rife input frequency’s from virtually any source:

  • Android Mobile or PC Rife Frequency Generator Apps.
  • iPhone Rife Frequency Generator App.
  • Function Generator Device. 

The rife input allows you to remotely treat someone with a rife frequency. Simply connect the supplied jack lead into the headphone socket on your phone, PC, or Function Generator and the other end into the MP3 socket on the back of the Genie 3000 Pro.

All products and packaging are UV Sterilised before they are shipped.

radionics machine genie 3000 575 

  Now Only $575  



   Bitcoin Payments Accepted with 5% Discount Off Listed Price   

Due to money restrictions in some countries, we are accepting Bitcoin Payments.bc1q5w23yamdnynzl7kvkqpr7zn44p8znlskg508av 

Please email us at either before or after the deposit with your delivery address and a phone number we can give to the courier.

INCLUDES FREE Shipping To Any Country, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Software Package & Rate Books.  


The Radionics machine & Wishing Machine Massive Advantage:

manifesting machine

This is a massive advantage when it comes to treating crops & livestock, not forgetting the advantages this has in general manifestation, wealth and relationships.

The next major addition to the 3000 Pro is its ability of radionics broadcasting. This is done via the built-in transmitter and external BNC changeable antenna.

The antenna can be changed by simply applying a small amount of downward pressure, and then rotating left (anticlockwise) and lifting off.

The BNC socket facilitates the easy usage of larger indoor or outdoor wideband antennas. As you can imagine using a larger outdoors antenna will massively improve the speed of your success when manifesting.

We have also given the 3000 Pro Radionics machine a Radionic Grounding socket:
radionics machines psychotronic device Genie 3000 Pro grounding socket

radionic grounding 3.5mm jack socket

This is so the device can be earthed to a copper water pipe or a dedicated metal rod driven into the earth via cable. Although this feature is not essential for operation It does improve the effectiveness of radionics broadcasting.

We have given also given it a wider frequency range from 0.5hz right the way up to 1.4khz.

The Genie 3000 Pro now has over twice the Orgone/Chi output of previous versions, and also twice the Scalar output.

Now USB Powered:

The Genie 3000 Pro can be conveniently powered from any USB phone wall socket adapter, USB battery power bank, Computer USB socket or car/camper cigarette-lighter USB adapter, or any other 5v USB adapter you can think off.

manifesting machine

 Includes over $140 in value of radionic software.

The Genie In the Machine:

The heart of the machine is the Genie Orgone Engine, and It’s now considerably more powerful than previous versions.

With a traditional wishing machine, the power for the operation came from your own life energy, or Chi as it is commonly known. This is all well and good until you break your concentration and or go off to do something else, as you would in everyday life.

For this reason, the energy flow to your operation would almost stop and the operation would stall until you concentrated on it again. As you would probably agree, not the best way to make things happen fast.

Wishing Machine Energy Flow:

This is no longer an issue because the Genie 3000 Pro generates its own Chi energy with its built-in Genie Orgone Generator, and to boost its effectiveness, even more, it is also outfitted with a powerful signal broadcasting system and telescopic folding antenna. This means you can leave your Genie 3000 Pro running for hours, days, or even weeks, knowing your session is getting all the power it needs. 

The Orgone energy generated provides the power to massively speed up any session or manifestation process for any intended outcome or session in your sessions.


Included Radionic Machine Software:

CyberWitch Spell Caster, Radionics Manifestor Companion & Radionics Manifestor Pro 3

Cyberwitch Spell Caster

Radionic Manifestor Companion

Radionic Manifestor Pro 3

radionics software Covid19 Trend Images

The trend Image set now also includes our new Hydroxychloroquine Trend.

The Genie 3000 Pro radionics machine comes with a full suite of dedicated software written exclusively in-house by us.

All three radionics software’s can be linked via a structural link to the Genie 3000 Pro left running at home, allowing you to perform powered sessions on your computer from anywhere in the world, even if your Genie radionic machine is hundreds of miles away.

Included:radionics machine Genie 3000 Pro manual

radionics software Rate books

We pride ourselves in our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines, every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own it. Simply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge.
The Genie 3000 Radionics Machine Pro Features: 
  • High Output Genie Orgone Engine, over three times the power output of previous versions.
  •  NEW FEATURE  Dedicated 30c Potency remedy maker & copier. (no image yet)
  •  NEW FEATURE  Vortex Ring Generator socket  (no image yet)
  • Make Living Water.
  • General Vitality testing.
  • Psychotronics Broadcast Transmitter.
  • BNC Antenna Socket.
  • Telescopic Antenna.
  • Grounding Socket
  • Improved internal architecture.
  • Base 10 rate setting.
  • 6 Rate Dials.
  • New stick pad for even better stick response.
  • Audio Input 3.5mm socket for any Mp3 player, PC, Cd or tape player, etc.
  • Variable 0.5hz to 1.4khz frequency.
  • LED Frequency indicator.
  • Solid brass polished Witness and Trend plate.
  • Input and Output Expansion sockets.
  • Higher Orgone output for faster water & food charging.
  • Powered by any USB wall adapter, PC, Laptop, or USB power bank.
  • Micro USB Cable included.
  • Windows PC Software Included Free, Worth $141.00
    • Radionic Manifestor Pro 3, Radionic Manifestor Companion & CyberWitch SpellCaster

All products and packaging are UV Sterilised before they are shipped.

radionics machine genie 3000 575

  Now Only $575  



   Bitcoin Payments Accepted  

Due to money restrictions in some countries, we are accepting Bitcoin Payments.bc1q5w23yamdnynzl7kvkqpr7zn44p8znlskg508av 

Please email us at either before or after the deposit with your delivery address and a phone number we can give to the courier.

INCLUDES FREE Shipping To Any Country, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Software Package & Rate Books.




radionics software for any radionics machine

For Radionic Software that will work with any brand of Radionic machine.

Please visit our sister site below.

Warranty: We will repair or replace your radionics machine free of charge. But you the customer are responsible for all shipping cost both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement. Please make sure your machine is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box as we will not be responsible for damages due to inadequate packaging. Also please include your name, address, email & telephone number.

Radionic machine Homeopathy Orgone Scalar Mind machines

Radionics machine Genie 3000 Free Shipping, Software **SALE $78 OFF**




Genie 3000 Pro Wishing Machine Basic Radionics Function:

Before setting any dials take a moment to concentrate on your current Trend, Witness, or frequency.

The key to a powerful and successful radionics is to have a crystal clear intent (what you want to happen), but don’t just think “I want XYZ to happen” you really need to have a clear picture in your mind’s eye, and have the emotional feeling in your heart as if it already happened.

Do not use words of negate in your manifesting sessions, and do not express the lack of something you a trying to manifest.

While the session is running keep the feeling in your heart and the picture in your mind.

The Stick Pad

At the bottom right of the machine is the stick plate/rubbing plate, this provides the operator with tactile feedback by the electro-dermal response (galvanic skin response)as to when the correct rate or frequency has been obtained.

Setting The Rate:

Place your image/text on the left plate, now whilst rubbing the stick pad slowly turn the first dial until enough resistance is felt on the stick pad that it stops your fingers from sliding.

At the exact point, your fingers stop sliding stop turning the dial, the rate for that dial is now set, repeat for all six dials.

Setting A Balance Rate:

A balanced rate is a way of reversing or correcting an outcome or condition or balancing seeds and plants to increase their vitality.

This can be done by setting your rates as above then taking the original dial rate from 10, then reset your dial to the balance number, repeat for all 3 dials.

10 – 7 = 3

7 being the dial rate

3 is the new balance rate

Testing General Vitality ( GV ):

Your personal reading is neither good nor bad, it is how relative the things you test are to your reading that is important. Also if they have a positive effect or a negative effect on your personal GV result when tested.

In a perfect world, everything that is good for you would be the same GV, and everything that is bad for you would 0, but this is rarely the case

First set all the dials to 0. Place your witness image, seeds, or sample on the trend plate. Then using ONLY the first dial (top left) test in the same manner as setting a rate and make a note of the result.

Setting The Generator Frequency:

Whilst rubbing the stick pad slowly turn the Frequency dial until enough resistance is felt on the stick pad that it stops your fingers from sliding.

At the exact point, your fingers stop sliding stop turning the dial, this is the correct frequency for the current session.

Orgone/Chi Generator:

The generator runs all the time the machine is on in both modes.

If you put the palm of your hand a half an inch to an inch away from the output pipe in the front of the machine, you should be able to feel a slightly cold sensation in your hand, it feels like someone very gently blowing cold air onto your hand.


Sending Energy: If you wanted to send just chi/orgone energy to someone or something without any attached radionic information. Set all rate dials to zero, turn the machine on then put a photo of the person or the item in front of the output pipe.

This method can also be used for your garden or crops.

Charging Crystals or massage wands/stones: Follow the steps above.

Charging drinking water with chi/orgone energy: Set the dials to zero then place a glass or bottle of water in front of the output pipe, for a few minutes, experiment with the timing for personal preference start at 30 seconds, and work your way up. You will notice a slight flavor and texture change.

To program radionic information to a crystal, talisman, water, hologram, etc.: Set your rates as usual with the object to be charged on the witness plate, then move the crystal or hologram and place it on the stick pad for a few hours, preferably overnight (the machine must be on (red light flashing)).

Stick Pad/Output Plate:

The stick pad is also a chi generator and automatically turns on when connected to a computer or iPod / Mp3 Player. This function facilitates the charging of amulets, talismans, etc. with mantras or specific audio frequencies.

Spooky2 Connection: Using the BNC black lead that came with your Spooky2 connect your Genie 3000 to the same socket as you would the remote.



Manifesting Machine


Disclaimer: Our products are not medical devices and are for experimentation only, and absolutely no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill, unwell, or need medical attention please see a doctor or healthcare professional. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the item is legal to purchase in their own country before purchasing, we will not be held responsible for items being not delivered due to being seized by customs officials in destination countries, please check your countries restricted import items list before purchase.



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