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Genie 3000 Radionics Machine & Immensely Powerful Orgone Generator

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This amazing Radionic Machine and Chi Generator will give you the power to affect change in any person, any situation, condition, animal, pet, or agricultural crop anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.

With our radionic device you can have ultimate control over relationships and financial situations, to even improving the health and vitality of your garden, crops, livestock & pets. all with the Genie 3000 radionics machines.

radionics machine orgone generator radionics device

 *** Make Living Programmed Water *** 

All products and packaging are UV Sterilised before they are shipped.

The latest Genie (from April 2020 on) will now automatically lock onto the target. Allowing the full use of six dials for the Trend Rate to be more accurately entered and set.

The use of the extra dials doubles the overall rate accuracy, this is of the upmost importance when manifesting and also making homoeopathic treatments. The greater accuracy makes of the New 3000 machines allows for a much better quality end product, and faster manifestation.

We have given also given it a wider frequency range from 0.5hz right the way up to 1.4khz. Last but not least, The Genie Chi Generator now has twice the power output of previous versions.

It took some shoehorning but now it’s a proper wolf in sheep’s clothing!


The Genie 3000 radionics machine:

In the Genie radionic machine, the heart of the machines is the Genie Orgone Generator Engine. Now it’s considerably more powerful than previous versions. Now it can continually pump out masses of Orgone (Chi) energy for as long as the device is turned on.


radionics machine orgone generator radionics device

With traditional radionic device, the power for the radionic operation came from your own life energy, or Chi as it is commonly known. This is all well and good until you break your concentration and or go off and do something else (as you would in everyday life).

The energy flow to your operation would then stop and the operation would stall until you concentrated on it again, as you would probably agree not the best way to make things happen fast.

Einstein Called it spooky action at a distance

With the Genie, this is no longer an issue because the Genie generates its own Chi energy with its built-in Genie Orgone Generator (Chi & Orgone are the same things). This means you can leave your Genie running for hours, days, or even weeks. Knowing your session is getting all the power it needs to come into manifestation as fast as possible.

The Orgone energy generated provides the power to massively speed up the manifestation process for any intended outcome or treatment in your radionic session. The more Orgone/Chi energy you can put into operation the faster it will manifest.


Includes 2 Rate Books for use with your radionics machine

Radionic Rates Book 1 and 2
Radionic Rates Book 1 and 2


Added Bonus

You will get over $90 of radionics software, 2 of our best-selling Software that can all be linked via a structural link to your Genie left running at home. This will allow you to perform powered radionic sessions on your computer from anywhere in the world, even if your Genie is thousands of miles away.


Radionic Manifestor Pro 3 

Radionic Manifestor Companion


The Genie 3000 Features:

  • High Output Genie Orgone Generator Engine, twice the power output of previous versions.
  • Make Living Water, Charge food & medication.
  • Remedy maker (includes 100s of remedy rates in 2 Rate books)
  • Improved internal antenna.
  • Base 10 rate setting.
  • 6 Rate Dials (Use all 6 Dials for rate)
  • New stick pad for even better stick response.
  • Audio Input 3.5mm jack socket for any Mp3 player, Pc, Cd or tape player, etc.
  • Variable 0.5hz to 1.4khz frequency.
  • LED Frequency indicator.
  • Solid brass polished Witness and Trend plate (Wells).
  • Input and Output Phono Expansion sockets.
  • Higher Orgone output for faster Manifestation & water/food charging.
  • Can be powered by any USB wall adapter, PC, Laptop, or USB power bank, It can even be powered by a universal wall adapter power supply.
  • USB Cable included.
  • Includes 2 Radionics Software Products  Worth Over $90 

We pride ourselves in our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines, every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own it. Simply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge.

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For Radionic Software that will work with any brand of machine.

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For Software that will work with any brand of Radionic Device.

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Basic Genie 3000 Radionic Device Function:

Before setting any dials take a moment to concentrate on your current Trend, Witness or frequency.

The key to a powerful and successful radionics is to have a crystal clear intent (what you want to happen). Don’t just think “I want XYZ to happen” you really need to have a clear picture in your mind’s eye. Next have the emotional feeling in your heart as if it already happened.

Do not use words of negate in your manifesting sessions. Do not express the lack of something you a trying to manifest.

While the session is running keep the feeling in your heart and the picture in your mind.

The Stick Pad

At the bottom right of the machine is the stick plate/rubbing plate, this provides the operator tactile feedback by an electro-dermal response (galvanic skin response)as to when the correct rate or frequency has been obtained.

Setting The Rate:

Place your image/text on the left plate, now whilst rubbing the stick pad slowly turn the first dial until enough resistance is felt on the stick pad that it stops your fingers from sliding.

At the exact point, your fingers stop sliding stop turning the dial, the rate for that dial is now set, repeat for all six dials.

Setting A Balance Rate:

A balance rate is a way of reversing or correcting an outcome or condition or balancing seeds and plants to increase there vitality.

This can be done by setting your rates as above then taking the original dial rate from 10, then reset your dial to the balance number, repeat for all 6 dials.

10 – 7 = 3

7 being the dial rate

3 is the new balance rate

Testing General Vitality ( GV ):

Your personal reading is neither good nor bad, it is how relative the things you test are to your reading that is important. Also if they have a positive effect or a negative effect on your personal GV result when tested.

In a perfect world, everything that is good for you would be the same GV, and everything that is bad for you would 0, but this is rarely the case

First set all the dials to zero then place your witness image, seeds, or sample on the trend plate. Then using ONLY the first dial (top left) test in the same manner as setting a rate and make a note of the result.

Setting The Radionics Machine Generator Frequency:

Whilst rubbing the stick pad slowly turn the Frequency dial until enough resistance is felt on the stick pad that it stops your fingers from sliding.

At the exact point, your fingers stop sliding stop turning the dial, this is the correct frequency for the current session.

Orgone/Chi Generator:

The generator runs all the time the machine is on in both modes.

If you put the palm of your hand a half an inch to an inch away from the output pipe in the front of the machine, you will be able to feel a slightly cold sensation in your hand. This sensation feels like someone very gently blowing cold air onto your hand.


Sending Energy: If you wanted to send just chi/orgone energy to someone or something without any attached radionic information. 

1: Set all rate dials to zero

2: Turn the machine on

3: Put a photo of the person or the item on the Trend plate.

This method can also be used for your garden or crops.

Charging Crystals or massage wands/stones: Follow the steps above.

Charging drinking water with chi/orgone energy: Set the dials to zero then place a glass or bottle of water in front of the output pipe, for a few minutes, experiment with the timing for personal preference start at 30 seconds and work your way up. You will notice a slight flavour and texture change.

To program radionic information to a crystal, talisman, water, hologram etc.: Set your rates as usual with the object to be charged on the witness plate for a few hours, preferably over-night (the machine must be on (red light flashing)).


Warranty: We will repair or replace your machine free of charge. But you the customer are responsible for all shipping cost both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement. Please make sure your machine is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box. We will not be responsible for damages if you use inadequate packaging. Also please include your name, address, email & telephone number.


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