Radionics Machine Chi Generator, Previous Builds & Upgrades

Radionics Machines & Chi Charger below is a very small selection of our previous custom builds, these are all one of a kind so there are no plans or schematics available.

Although almost every device here brought there own unique set of challenges, we enjoyed building every one, and we would like to thank all our customers for giving us the opportunity to do so.


The Zen Chi Machine

Main Features:

2x 4 inch Solid Brass Plates

9 custom Scalar Emitters

Qi Generator

Audio input

General Vitality Analysis

7.86hz Schumann Field frequency.

0.5 – 475hz frequencies

Bakelite top

Solid Wood Case

Solid Brass fittings



The Zen Chi Generator Machine Built for Dr. Michael Tan of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd
The Zen Chi Generator Machine Built for Dr. Michael Tan of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd. Who now has the nerve to claim he invented it after many years of research LOL Video link below.


X-Zeus Machine

This radionic machines was sent to us for a re-fit and started out as a very underpowered Zeus Machine, it was powered entirely by a pair of cheap 50 cent replica iPod headphones and a disconnected USB memory stick stuck and a couple of coins encased in the group lol oh and lots of polystyrene.

It had no electronics, no generator, no “Reality Engine Reactor” as if such a thing actually existed LOL.

As you can imagine the owner was rather upset when he found out he had been ripped off, and spent $1800 an almost empty box.

So if you want to buy an empty box go here:

After ditching all the rubbish inside we were left with just an empty case. We then built a custom generator that almost filled the case and installed our electronics and a custom dial plate.

The resulting machine pictured right is what we created. Now its hand tingling powerful 🙂

Radionics Machine X-Zeus
X-Zeus Radionics machines

 Custom Genie 2000 

6 Dial rate setting.

Twin Chi Generators

Holographic Programmer.

Variable frequency.

LED indicator.

Solid brass witness & trend plates.

Orgone matrix stick pad.

Run from 9v Battery or Mains power.

Radionics Machine
Genie 2000 Radionics Machines


 Genie 1000 Prototype 

3 Dial rate setting.

Genie Orgone Engine.

7.83 Hz frequency.

LED indicator.

Solid brass witness/trend plate.

Orgone matrix stick pad.

Run from 9v Battery or Mains power.

Genie 1000 Radionics Machine
Genie 1000 radionics machines



Pyramid Orgone Generator

This device was also sent in for upgrading and used to be a smaller version of the Ex-Zeus’s. Unfortunately, it was built in the same way, so we gutted it and turned it into a big old Chi Generator & Chi Charger.

The end result was a massively powerful device that could hold its own against any chi generator out there.


Internal Orgone Generator.

Active Orgonite pyramid with Chi Charger chamber.

Variable frequency.

Audio input


Audio input

Pyramid Chi Generator

Pyramid Chi Generator with Chi Charger chamber.



The Bond Radionics Machine 

The customer didn’t want the specs of this machine published, so the picture was before it had the labels attached.

Bond Radionics Machine
Bond radionics machines










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