Radionics Healing Who And What Can Be Healed Or Treated

Radionics Healing

Who And What Can Be Healed Or Treated With Radionic Healing

Radionic healing is an energy medicine technique that uses intuition to treat the underlying energetic disorders of the disease and to encourage normal energetic fields to support health. Healing is achieved by rearranging the molecules and increasing the vibrational frequencies beyond normal standards. By increasing the frequency of vibration, patients could theoretically avoid illness, pain, physical illness, and suffering. 

Radionics healing is an energy medicine technique that can be used to help in a variety of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, nervous system disorders, and many more. Experience has shown that radiological treatment can be helpful in a wide range of diseases, even with an untrained hand.

Radionics Healing Who And What Can Be Healed Or TreatedRadionic Healing and Reiki

The effectiveness of radionics and Reiki therapy is independent of the distance between doctor and patient. The patient may be many kilometers away with a doctor, but the physical body is directed into a field that is not recognized by the normal senses, but supports life and is indispensable for the functioning of life. In this way, distance is irrelevant, as long as it is not too close to the body, the energy field cannot do any harm. 

Radionics healing and Reiki are also part of the therapy, which is indicated by the use of Genie Radionics Machines, high energy vibration generators, and the beautiful Reiki therapy, which is also used for energy healing. The balanced energy vibrations can also be supplemented by energy patterns generated by Genie 3000 and 9000 range of radionic instruments. Radionics & Reiki are also useful in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and many other diseases. 

The aim of radionics therapy is to restore the unique pattern of the patient’s health and well-being. The changes resulting from the treatment initially occur on a subtle energetic level of the field, but the goals of healing therapies are linked with the aim of restoring the unique patterns, health, well-being, etc., of the clients. 

We activate our own healing powers and provide blueprints for cell growth and repair. We send treatments to rebalance our energy and support our body’s systems, and we provide the blueprint for cell growth, repair, etc., as well as activation and activation of healing systems. 

We can use special radionic instruments as tools such as the Genie 3000 Pro (below) to focus our healing energy, and we can project radionics to support our return to health. 

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Radionic Healing Technique

The radionics healing technique uses our natural ESP capabilities to discover the underlying energetic disorders of the disease and to promote the normal energetic fields that support health. Radionics requests often come from patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer tumor’s. A trained and competent physician can discover all the factors that contribute to disease in a living system, whether it is the cause of the disease itself or the effects of a disease on the health of another person or system. 

The technique aims to correct the underlying energetic disorders of the disease and to promote the return of the body to full health. Radionics should not be considered a new invention, but an ancient human skill that has been neglected for centuries due to a lack of knowledge about its use in modern medicine and medical practice. It is imbued with a range of distance healing techniques that use pendulums – dowsing intuition and knowledge to uncover the cause of disease and its causes, as well as its effects on normal energy fields. 

Fill in the medical history form with a complete medical history and you will need details of your current condition and a detailed description of the disease and its symptoms. 

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In order for the physician to carry out the analysis and treatment, the patient has completed the medical history form and given his consent. The therapist uses an instrument to analyze and treat the energetic profile of his patient as well as his body. A small snippet of hair is needed to perform an analysis of a patient’s “energetic profile.” 

The Radionics Healing Instrument

The radionic healing instrument is used to focus the mind of the doctor and many types of devices are used, which vary in complexity from computer-controlled machines to fairly simple devices to complex machines. 

Instead of healing energy, the encoded messages in radionics are electromagnetic fields corresponding to the body, mind, and spirit of the client. In short, each coded message has a correct and balanced attitude, reminding the consciousness and energy field of their correct attitude. Once a weakness or subtle energy field is detected, a message is sent to the patient, which is normally encoded with a number called rate, which represents the ideal energy state to induce. 

The encrypted message arrives in the body mesh and is precisely matched to the intention of the treatment. The encrypted messages reach the body’s lattice at a certain speed, according to their energy state and the patient’s intention. 

In other words, when healing occurs, the client’s intention is also part of the healing. Radionics is a treatment that emphasizes the relationship between the patient’s intention and the energy state of the body, not the other way around. It is a healing art of energy medicine, bridging the gap between physics, science, and spirituality.


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Radionic Healing

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