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What Is Radionics? people ask

Radionic machine Genie 9000v4

What Is Radionics We get a great deal of questions regarding what is radionics and does it actually work, on this page we hope to answer some of these questions. Although used primarily in healing can, and is often used for agriculture, manifestation & psychotronic influence to name but a few. These amazing powerful little black boxes in times gone […]

Radionics Machines Previous Builds & Upgrades

Zen Radionics Machine

 Previous radionics machines Builds And Upgrades  A Small Selection Of Previous radionics machines & Builds Below is a very small selection of our previous radionics machines & custom builds, these are all one of a kind so there are no plans or schematics available. Although almost every device here brought there own unique set of challenges, we enjoyed building every one, and we would […]