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Our current radionics software:

All our radionics software is designed to work on Microsoft Windows-based Computers.

Our radionics software can be used successfully on its own, or to gain even faster manifestations it can be used with any brand of radionics machine or orgone generator.

radionics software

Best Radionics Software of 2020 The All New Genie Radionics Suite

Genie Radionics Suite Sequencer Interval

Genie Radionics Suite Simply the Best Radionics Software of 2020 Available The New Genie Radionics Suite comprises of two applications in one, firstly you have Genie Radionics. This is where the bulk of the work is done and is ideal for general radionic use, manifesting, remedies, balancing, etc. This is also where the radionic sessions …

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CyberWitch SpellCaster Radionics Software Cast spells that really work


CyberWitch SpellCaster Radionic Software “Still the easiest software to cast spells with, that really work.!“ Radionics software‘s CyberWitch SpellCaster is our latest 5 position spell casting software with built-in Chi energy transferal technology designed specifically to add extra power to your magical workings. Casting spells have never been so easy, CyberWitch SpellCaster software brings the ancient principles of Magick and …

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Best Radionics Software Radionic Manifestor Pro 3 Manifestation

Best radionics software radionic Manifestor pro 3

Radionic Manifestor Pro 3 Best Radionic Software Packed full of features and now its the most powerful version yet! “Beginner-friendly “ Radionics Manifestor Pro 3 best radionics software is the latest version of our long term best selling 5 position Windows PC manifesting program. and now we have made it even more powerful than ever …

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