Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Mind Machine Plus Vortex Orgone Generator Package

Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Mind Machine Plus Genie Vortex Orgone Generator Package

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Having 9 Rate dials enables the Genie 9100 HD PRO can be used at very high accuracy in generating rates and also facilitates using long rates from existing rate books. The Genie 9100 package also includes two rate books jam-packed with 100s of base 10 rates

Genie 9100 pro homeopathic imprinter and potentize

Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Machine Features:

  • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Chi/Orgone Generator
  • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
  • 9 Rate dials
  • 5 Pre-set Psychotronics Brain frequencies
    • Beta – Fully awake & alert.
    • Alpha – Meditation, super learning, memory & calm.
    • Theta – Insight, problem-solving, Inspiration.
    • Delta – Healing, renewal, immune system restoration,
    • Gamma – Higher mental activity, perception & problem-solving.
  • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz. 
  • Ideal for Agricultural Radionics.
  • New Response-Tek Stick Pad.
  • Audio input.
    • Connect to the computer for software frequencies
    • Audio from your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, or tablet.
  • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
  • FM Radionics Broadcast Transmitter System.
    • Yes, it really does transmit.!
  • BNC Antenna connector.
    • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
    • Telescopic Broadcast Antenna Included.
  • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
  • Remedy duplication.
    • Duplicate homeopathic remedies
  • Water & food charging.
    • Make living water.
    • Charge your food with Chi life force energy.
  • Genie Vortex Ring Included.
  • Manual & Radionics Software Included.

Vortex Orgone Energy Generator

Included Genie Vortex Ring Chi Generator

Warning: Due to the extremely high output of this device, It may cause feelings of nausea if long periods of close exposure are experienced.

Included Radionics Software With This Radionics Machine 2022:

The Genie 9100 PRO mind machine comes with its own dedicated radionics software written specifically for this radionic machine.

The software can be linked via a structural link to your Genie 9100 HD Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Mind Machine Plus Vortex Orgone Generator PackagePRO left running at home. This will allow you to perform powered radionics sessions on any computer from anywhere in the world, even if its Genie is thousands of miles away.





Lifetime Warranty: We will repair or replace your radionics machine or chi generator free of charge, but you the customer are responsible for all shipping costs both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement. Please make sure your machine or generator is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box, as we will not be responsible for damages due to inadequate packaging. Also please include your name, address, and email. This warranty is for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

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