Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Imprinter And Potentizer

Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Imprinter And Potentizer

High Output Scalar Orgone Generator 

Genie P9100 Pro homeopathic imprinter and potentizer

The Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro is a powerful and professional homeopathic potentizer. An ideal for radionics treatment and the perfect choice for a high-quality potentizer. The Gene P9100 Pro uses our advanced Super Heavy Duty Genie Orgone generators.

Having 9 Rate dials enables the Genie P9100 Pro can be used at very high accuracy in generating rates and also facilitates using long rates from existing rate books. The Genie 9100 package also includes two rate books jam-packed with 100s of base 10 rates

Radionic broadcasting is via the removable BNC external Antenna.

 Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Machine BNC Antenna

Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Features:

  • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Chi/Orgone Generator
  • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
  • 9 Rate dials
  • 11 Homeopathic Potencies.
    • 1c, 3c, 6c, 12c, 30c, 200, 1M, 10M,50M,CM, MM.
  • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz. 
  • Ideal for Agricultural Radionics.
  • New Response-Tek Stick Pad.
  • Audio input.
    • Connect to the computer for software frequencies
    • Audio from your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, or tablet.
  • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
  • FM Radionics Broadcast Transmitter System.
    • Yes, it really does transmit.!
  • BNC Antenna connector.
    • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
    • Telescopic Broadcast Antenna Included.
  • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
  • Remedy duplication.
    • Duplicate homeopathic remedies
  • Water & food charging.
    • Make living water.
    • Charge your food with Chi life force energy.
  • Manual & Radionics Software Included

    Genie P9100 Pro Vortex Ring Compatible
    Genie P9100 Pro Vortex Ring Compatible
Included Radionics Software With This Homeopathic Imprinter and Potentizer:

The Genie P9100 Pro comes with its own dedicated radionics software written specifically for this radionic machine.

The software can be linked via a structural link to your Genie P9100 Pro left running at home. This will allow you to perform powered radionics sessions on any computer from anywhere in the world, even if its Genie is thousands of miles away.

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Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Imprinter And PotentizerRadionic Manifestor Companion Software

Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Imprinter And Potentizer

2 Radionic Rate Books Included

Free Radionics Covid19 Trend Cards radionics treatment

We pride ourselves in our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines, every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own it. Simply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Sale

Was $1200

Now Only $975

Homeopathic Radionics Machine Genie P9100 Pro Imprinter And Potentizer
Includes Free Shipping, Radionics Software Pack & Lifetime Warranty


Classical Radionics in Subliminal Mind Development

Today, we have exceptional promotions, which include the Subliminal Genie 9100 Mind Machine. When one sets out to find love, luck, etc perhaps the Coue’ Methods might offer you solutions to harmonize energy and mind. The creative alternatives may take you to success while attracting money, and finding it easier to learn. You may grow as a whole human instead of a part, and grow through slimming methods to better health.

The latest Classical in Subliminal Radionics combine unique strategies to bring you the classics in radionics programs utilized to promote subliminal processing. In fact, many counsellors and medical doctors use these holistic remedies today.

Learning via the subliminal mind permits one to integrate the mind and body creating a whole by using background sounds and frequencies that send positive messages to the brain. Radionics is programmed to send messages one could not perceive otherwise. By listing to the sounds, it acts as an automatic agent to encourage spirit and to help one learn from the subliminal channels of the mind. Learning to initiate processes of the subliminal mind has proven to inspire love, luck and money. The exams passed, which clearly showed that one can use Radionics to stop smoking, heal the body and mind, lose weight and so on.

Subliminal messages embedded into trend images intend to enhance energy and encourage harmony of mind and body. You are encouraged to repeat radionic sessions daily so that you feel good, think and see positive, etc, which through repetitive learning you inspire your mind to improve.

Repeating how you feel in a positive way on the radionic machine is a great enforcer to encourage subliminal learning and to promote good health.

There are other ways that Radionics can offer other alternatives, using audios played through the radionic device to fit accelerated learning, biofeedback, subliminal learning and neurofeedback practices. We see the market of subliminal learning carry on into the new age.

In the new age or modern movements emphasize is highly placed on spirituality. In this cultural changing movement started in the 80s, emphasizes was placed on spiritual consciousness, which brought in effective consciousness, brain enhancers, Radionics and other subliminal alternatives in healing. Along with this movement is the involvement of beliefs that include astrology, reincarnation, practices of vegetarianism, meditation, and holistic medicinal practices.

In this age comes the study of radionics that induces serenity of the mind and body through the combined use of radionic instrument or a Homeopathic Imprinter And Potentizer and music can combine as a very effective medium. Usually, these practices engage synthesized natural sounds or frequencies intended to encourage tranquillity of the mind.

Along with the new age, many researchers and other theorists are adventuring to discover alternatives in medicines, including Radionics, which is a holistic remedy.

We might abolish immoral practices, such as astrology and reincarnation whereas no evidence support any truths, yet we may stand up with holistic practices such as Radionics which has in fact produced evidence that it is capable of promoting healing and self-development.

There are a couple of descriptions in Radionics instrumentalities or devices, which are in a few words of wisdom to be capable of detecting and employing people. The beforehand one is a diagnostic tool in which is said to be capable of pinpointing what negative energies in a human. The other Radionics instrument is the sole that supposedly restores the person to improved medical management. There is besides an instrument in which is the combination of both of the devices described above. Restoring people to medical management is done by broadcasting them to correctives for healing frequencies, which counterbalance the anomalous frequencies buttoned up about by sickness, or each is bad with the individual.

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