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radionics machines for sale genie 9100The Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Machine 2021 /2022 is the perfect choice for remote influencing and achieving alternate states of consciousness on-demand in a local or remote target, with its pre-set brainwave frequencies.

The Gene 9100 uses our advanced Super Heavy Duty Genie Active Orgonite and psychotronics generators.

The 9100 Pro having 9 rate dials enables the Genie 9100 to be used at much higher accuracy in potentizing treatments and generating new rates, and also facilitates using long rates from existing rate books.


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The multiple transmission bands are the key to the Genie 9100 Pro and being such a fast and accurate generator. This device is especially powerful when used in conjunction with our Vortex Ring Generator and the included Radionics software.

The 9100 Pro includes many features that a few other manufacturers’ devices have in the same price band, and a lot much higher priced machines don’t, for example, the built-in homeopathic remedy maker and Timed remedy copier plus genuine base 10 independent rate-setting, that is 100% rate book compatible. Not forgetting the Highly powerful Orgone Generator with an independent frequency setting.

The 9100 Pro can also accept larger Witness and Trend Plates (or wells) easily connected to the Wit In & Tnd In sockets on the rear of the machine.


The 9100 Pro has the advantage of working as a regular unpowered Radionics machine when electricity isn’t available.

This feature can be especially useful If you need to work on someone who is very energy sensitive, you may choose or need to use your Genie 9100 Pro Pro without any electricity at all.


Radionics Machine 2021 radionics machines for sale genie 9100

How do I copy remedies in a grid-down situation?

No problem at all, you can still copy medications & remedies, even without electricity.

In a power cut or grid-down situation, the Genie 9100 Pro Pro can also be run as usual from a 9v PP3 battery or a 5v mobile power bank for hours.


Even with all these amazing capabilities, you can still expand this Radionics Manifestation generator even further, by adding external witness and trend wells or even linking 2 or more machines together.

The 3000 Pro can also drive our new massively powerful external Vortex Ring Generator (available separately), or even 3rd party generators such as the Sucker Punch.


If your budget won’t run to a Vortex Generator, the Sucker Punch Generator, or similar, can usually be found on eBay.


Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Machines Radionics Manifestation Generator Is Now Rife Input Frequency Compatible

The latest Genie 9100 Pro has many new features, first of which is the Rife Frequency Input, the 9100 Pro can accept Rife input frequencies from virtually any source:

  • Spooky2-XM device.
  • Android Mobile or PC Rife Frequency Generator App.
  • iPhone Rife Frequency Generator App.
  • Function Generator Device or App.
Best Radionics Machine 2021 Genie 9100 radionic machine Wishing Machine
Genie 9100 HD PRO Best Radionics Machine 2021 Witness & Trend Plates

The rife input allows you to remotely treat someone with a rife frequency. Simply plug in the output of your Spooky2 or function generator directly into the RCA socket on the back of your Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Machine.

If you are using a phone app, simply connect the supplied jack lead into the headphone socket on your phone and the other end into the MP3 socket on the back of the Genie 9100 Pro.

This enables the Genie 9100 Pro to act like a Spooky Remote via the Witness Plate, but much more powerfully, allowing for much faster treatment times.


Radionic Machine 2021 Timed Remedy Duplication

The next main feature is the Timed Remedy Duplication function.

Remedy duplication will imprint the energy of the item on the Trend plate to the item on the witness plate or from an already made remedy to some sugar tablets or alcohol solution.

When the green button is pressed a green light will illuminate to let you know the duplication is in progress.

When the duplication has completed the light will go out and you will hear an audible beep to let you know your remedy has been successfully duplicated.

The third main feature is the Vitality analyzer, this can be used to see if a vitamin or food will be good or bad for you, It can give you an indication of your current vitality level.


Make remedies in seconds

The Genie 9100 Pro Radionics device having 9 Rate dials enable very high accuracy in generating rates and also facilitates using rates from existing base 10 rate books (2 included) to potentize homeopathic and Radionics remedies.


Radionics Machine 2021 Features:Manifesting Generator Guarantee
  • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Orgone Generator
  • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
  • 9 Rate dials.
  • Spooky2 Frequency Input.
  • Vitality measurement.
  • 9 Pre-set Psychotronics Brain frequencies.
    • Beta – Fully awake & alert.
    • Alpha – Meditation, super learning, memory & calm.
    • Theta – Insight, problem-solving, Inspiration.
    • Delta – Healing, renewal, immune system restoration.
    • Gamma – Higher mental activity, perception & problem-solving.
    • Universal Healing.
    • Attitude & Behaviour.
    • Love & Warmth – Attraction of people.
    • Manifesting – Law of attraction etc.
  • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz. 
  • Ideal for Agricultural Radionics.
  • Ideal as a dedicated Mind Machine.
  • New Response-Tek Stick Pad.
  • Audio input.
      • Connect to the computer for software frequencies.
      • Audio from your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, or tablet.
  • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
  •  Psychotronic Broadcast Transmitter System.
    • Yes, it really does transmit.!
  • BNC Antenna connector.
    • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
    • 1x Telescopic Broadcast Antenna Included.
  • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
  •  Homeopathic remedy copier.
    • Automatic timed 20-second homeopathic remedy copier.
    • Manual remedy copying function.
  • Water, food & medication charging.
    • Make living water.
    • Charge your food with Chi life force energy.
  • Manual & 3 Radionics Machine Software products Included.

Wishing Machine Radionics Best Radionics Software Radionic Manifestor pro 3

Wishing Machine Radionics cyber witch spell caster radionics software

Law of Attraction & Manifesting Software Included FREE:

The Genie 9100 comes with its own dedicated Radionics software written specifically for this machine.

The software can be linked via a structural link to your Genie 9100 left running at home. After structural linking, you will be able to perform powered Radionics sessions on any computer from anywhere in the world, even if its Genie is thousands of miles away.

We pride ourselves on our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines, every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own it. Simply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge. 


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With a New Genie 9100 Pro Radionics Machine 2021


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radionics machine for sale 1475


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Radionic Machine Genie 9100 Pro Psychotronics Machine


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Mind Machine Radionics Genie 9100 HD PRO Psychotronic Mind & Manifesting Machine
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Mind Machine Radionics software and radionic machines

Your Radionic Machines Basic Function:

Before setting any dials take a moment to concentrate on your current Trend, Witness, or frequency.
The key to a powerful and successful Radionics is to have a crystal clear intent (what you want to happen), but don’t just think “I want XYZ to happen” you really need to have a clear picture in your mind’s eye, and have the emotional feeling in your heart as if it already happened.

Do not use words of negate in your manifesting sessions, and do not express the lack of something you a trying to manifest.
While the session is running keep the feeling in your heart and the picture in your mind.


Unique Personalized Images:

We recommend you personalize your images especially if you have downloaded them from google or other internet sites. These images can be photographs from your digital camera, scans of drawings or illustrations, or a composite done in Adobe Photoshop. The more thought, time, and effort you put into your image crafting, the more power and momentum your wish will have.

A Free comparable alternative to Adobe Photoshop is Gimp

Radionics machine genie 9000 duplication panel

The Witness:

The Witness is an item that is energetically linked to the target of your Radionics operation, the item can be a photograph, hair clipping, fingernail, or simply their name is written on a piece of paper.

The Trend:

The Trend is what you want to happen, this can be represented by again simply writing what you want, or want to happen on a piece of paper. Alternately you could use a sigil or herb, or photograph of an event.

The Stick Pad

At the bottom right of the machine is the stick plate/rubbing plate, this provides the operator tactile feedback by an electro-dermal response (galvanic skin response)as to when the correct rate or frequency has been obtained.


Setting The Trend Rate:

Place your Witness & Trend samples on the respective plates then whilst rubbing the stick pad slowly turn the first dial until enough resistance is felt on the stick pad that it stops your fingers from sliding. At the exact point, your fingers stop sliding stop turning the dial, the rate for that dial is now set.


Repeat the above steps for all 9 dials.

Setting A Balance Rate:

A balance rate is a way of reversing or correcting an outcome or condition or balancing seeds and plants to increase their vitality. This can be done by setting your rates as above then taking the original dial rate from 10, then reset your dial to the balance number, repeat for all 9 dials.

10 – 7 = 3
7 being the dial rate
3 being the new balance rate

9100 radionics machine dial numbers

Testing General Vitality:

Push the Vita / Rate switch forward to select Vita (Vitality)
1: Set all 9 rate dials to zero (0).
2: Place your witness image on the witness plate, then use the Vitality Dial test in the same manner as setting a rate. When you have a stick the number on the dial is your base vitality rate as a percentage 1 = 10% 10 = 100%.
3: Now leaving your witness image on the plate, add whatever you are going to test, for example, if you wanted to know if a vitamin tablet is going to be good for you or not add the tablet to the plate, then take another reading, if the percentage is higher than your base vitality rate the tablet will be beneficial for you to take if the number is lower it won’t be.


To Manually Set The Orgone Generator Frequency:

1: Rotate the top left dial to the left to the “Variable” Position
2: Whilst rubbing the stick pad slowly turn the Frequency dial until enough resistance is felt on the stick pad that it stops your fingers from sliding. At the exact point, your fingers stop sliding stop turning the dial, this is the correct frequency for the current session.


Setting A Pre-set Generator Frequency:

1: Rotate the top left dial to the left to the position that is most relevant to your intended operation.
2: No further setting is necessary.


Radionics Machine 2021 Homeopathy Remedy Potentizing (Duplication):

1: Set the 9 rate dials to zero 0.
2: Place the remedy you want to copy on the witness plate.
3: Place your sugar tablets or solution on the trend plate.
4: Press the green button between the plates to start the duplication process, the green light will illuminate while the duplication is taking place and go out when it is finished, there will also be an audible tone to alert you it has finished.
5: Remove your items from the plates.


Radionics Machines Orgone Generator:

The generator runs only when the Vita (vitality) / Rate switch is set to Rate mode.
If you put the palm of your hand a half an inch to an inch away from the output pipe in the front of the machine or if your devices pipe is not visible place your hand above or in front of the witness plate, you should be able to feel a slightly cold sensation in your hand, it feels like someone very gently blowing cold air onto your


Uses For Your Radionic Machines:
Sending Energy: If you wanted to send just orgone energy to someone or something without any attached Radionics information. Set all rate dials to zero, turn the machine on then put a photo of the person or the item in front of the witness plate.
This method can also be used for your garden or crops.


Charging Crystals or massage wands/stones: Follow the steps above.


Charging drinking water with chi/orgone energy:

Witness, experiment with the timing for personal preference start at and work your way up, you will notice a slight flavor and texture change.

To program Radionics information to a crystal, talisman, water, hologram, etc.:
Set your rates as usual with the object to be charged on the witness plate, preferably overnight (the machine must be on (red light flashing)).


Rear Connectors:

  • The Wit In & Tnd In are for attaching larger Witness and
  • Trend wells/plates.
  • Charge water set the frequency dial to 1 and place your bottle next
  • Vortex orgone generator ring.
  • If you want to to the brass plate marked glass of water, for at least 10 minutes.
  • The MP3 Socket 3.5mm headphone size socket is for inputting audio from your phone, computer, frequency generator, or software.
  • The 5v USB socket provides power to your device, via a standard USB lead.

Manifesting Machine Genie 9100 HD PRO Psychotronic Remote Influencing Potentising Remedy Maker

For The Machines power source you have two options:

1: If you have an android phone you can use the phone charger wall adapter to power your Genie 9100 Pro. This plugs into the socket on the back of the machine labeled 5v USB.

2: The power cable (white lead) plugs into the socket on the back of the machine marked 5v USB you then need to plug the other end into any USB socket. The USB socket can be on a computer, a wall socket, a USB battery pack, or anything else, as all USB sockets are 5 volts.


The Radionic Ground Socket is for connecting your device to the earth/ground via the Ground Lead. The Ground lead is the black lead with the alligator clip on the end, and plugs into the socket on the back marked Ground. Once you have plugged it into the machine you can attach the alligator clip end to either water or radiator pipe.

For the absolute best results connect it to a copper earthing rod driven into the ground outside your house via a length of wire (copper earth rods can be purchased at builders’ merchants). If the copper earth rod is unavailable or impractical for your location, any steel bar or even a length of coat hanger can be used. Some people even pour a brine solution around the rod to improve conductivity, but please be aware a brine (salt) solution will kill nearly all plants and grass.


Looking After Your Orgone Generator Machine :

To remove everyday dirt build-up and fingerprints wipe over your machine with a clean slightly damp lint-free cloth, then polish with a dry microfibre cloth. Light tarnish can be removed with a soft cloth and a dab of white vinegar. If your stick plate or brass plates get scratched or extremely dull over time the scratches or dullness and tarnish can be improved or removed (depending on how bad they are) with some Brasso or similar metal polish or T-Cut car scratch remover and a soft cloth. Note: this is not a quick fix It will take some work and may take a while. Remove all traces of Brasso or T- cut from the brass plates with rubbing alcohol or Vodka, then polish with a clean dry microfibre cloth.


Radionics Machines Color Correspondences:

Black: Ward negativity, Remove hexes, Protection, Spirit contact,

The Universe, Truth, Remove confusion.

Blue (dark): Water, Truth, Dreams, Protection, Change, Meditation, Impulse.

Blue (light): Psychic awareness, Intuition, Opportunity, Understanding, Safe journey, Patience, Tranquillity, Ward depression.

Blue (any): Health
Brown: Earth, Endurance, Animal health, Steadiness, Houses,

Physical objects, Uncertainties.

 Gold: Power, Physical Strength, Success, Achievement, Mental growth, Healing energy, Intuition, Divination, Fortune.

Gray: Cancellation, Hesitation, Neutrality.
Green: Earth, Luck, Fertility, Healing, Balance, Employment,

Prosperity, Courage, Agriculture, Growth.
Green-yellow: To remove discord, Sickness, Anger, Jealousy.

Indigo: Meditation, Spirit Communication.

Lavender: Spiritual development, Psychic growth, Divination, Blessings.

Orange: Strength, Healing, Pulling things to you, Luck, Vitality, Encouragement, Clearing the Mind, Dominance.

Pink: Honour, Mortality, Friendship, Emotional Love, Compassion and Relaxation.
Purple: Power, Spiritual development, Intuition, Ambition, Healing, Progress, Business, Spiritual Communication, Protection, Occult Wisdom, Meditation.

Red: Fire, Strength, Power, Energy, Health, Vigour, Enthusiasm, Courage, Passion, Sexuality, Protection.

Silver: Psychic development, Success, Balance, Wards negativity.

Violet: Self-improvement, Intuition, Success in Searches.

White: Purity, Protection, Truth, Peace, Justice.

 Yellow: Clairvoyance, Mental Alertness, Intellectual growth, Prosperity, Learning, Changes, Harmony, Creativity, Travel.


Vortex Ring Orgone Generator


Radionics Machines Planet Correspondences:

Sun: Health, leadership ability, self-confidence, power of acquiring wealth, prosperity
and general protection, centering

Moon: Agriculture, domestic matters, Clairvoyance emotions, astral travel,
subconscious, Divination by dreams

Mercury: Gaining knowledge, travel, communication, Powers of healing, knowledge of

sciences, connection to others,

Venus: Affections, love, money, Love, healing, garden magick, the immortality of the soul,
Giving and receiving affection, Choice of objects of desire and pleasure, Harmony, Use

of talent, acquisition of things of value

Mars: Wrath and vengeance, physical strength, will, self-interest, force, sexual drive, natural vitality

Jupiter: Luck, protection, good fortune, Power of political ascendancy, Optimism, opportunity, expansion, enlargement, Works involving religion, faith, law

Saturn: Business, politics, duties and responsibilities, Works of malediction, Healing, protection, invisibility, Relationship to authority, discipline, restrictions imposed by others, boundaries, limitations, separation, self-discipline, organization, administration, Works involving time, karma, diplomacy, work ethic


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