Genie 9100 HD PRO Scalar Radionics Psychotronic Chi Machine & Remedy Maker

Chi Machine Genie 9100 HD PRO High Output For Psychotronic Remote Influencing & Homeopathic Remedy Maker

 Genie 9100 HD PRO Chi Machine Scalar Psychotronics Mind Machine radionics machine homeopathic remedy copier

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The Genie 9100 HD PRO Chi generator machine is also a powerful and professional remedy maker. An ideal choice for remote influencing and achieving alternate states of conciseness on demand, with its pre-set brain frequencies.

The Gene 9100 HD PRO uses our advanced Super Heavy Duty Genie Orgone/Chi and psychotronics generators.

Having 9 Rate dials enables the Genie 9100 HD PRO can be used at very high accuracy in generating rates and also facilitates using long rates from existing rate books.

Psychotronics Transmission is via the removable BNC external Antenna.

Genie 9100 HD PRO Chi Machine Psychotronics Mind Machine radionics machine homeopathic remedy copierTimed Homeopathic Remedy Duplication

The next main feature is the Timed Remedy Duplication function.

Remedy duplication will imprint the energy of the item on the Trend plate to the item on the witness plate or from an already made remedy to some sugar tablets or alcohol solution.

When the green button is pressed a green light will illuminate to let you know the duplication is in progress.

When the duplication has completed the light will go out and you will hear an audible beep your to let you know your remedy has been successfully duplicated.

The third main feature is the Vitality Analyzer, this can be used to see if a vitamin or food will be good or bad for you, It can give you an indication of your current vitality level.


Make homeopathic remedy and radionic remedy’s

The Genie 9000 HD Pro radionics machines Having 9 Rate dials enable very high accuracy in generating rates and also facilitates using rates from existing base 10 rate books (2 included) to make homoeopathic and radionic remedy’s.


2020 Genie Psychotronic Wishing & Chi Machine Features:

  • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Chi/Orgone Generator
  • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
  • 9 Rate dials.
  • Vitality measurement.
  • 9 Pre-set Brain frequencies.
    • Beta – Fully awake & alert.
    • Alpha – Meditation, super learning, memory & calm.
    • Theta – Insight, problem-solving, Inspiration.
    • Delta – Healing, renewal, immune system restoration.
    • Gamma – Higher mental activity, perception & problem-solving.
    • Universal Healing.
    • Attitude & Behaviour.
    • Love & Warmth – Attraction of people.
    • Manifesting – Law of attraction etc.
  • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz. 
  • Ideal for Agricultural Radionics. Genie 9100 HD PRO Psychotronics Mind Machine.
  • New Response-Tek Stick Pad.
  • Audio input.
      • Connect to the computer for software frequencies.
      • Audio from your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player, or tablet.
  • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
  •  Psychotronic Broadcast Transmitter System.
    • Yes, it really does transmit.!
  • BNC Antenna connector.
    • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
    • 1x Telescopic Broadcast Antenna Included.
  • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
  •  Homeopathic remedy copier.
    • Automatic timed 20-second homoeopathic remedy copier.
    • Manual remedy copying function.
  • Water, food & medication charging.
    • Make living water.
    • Charge your food with Chi life force energy.
  • Manual & 3 Radionic Machine Software products Included.

Best radionics software radionic Manifestor pro 3 FOR Chi Machine

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Included Radionics Chi Machine Software:

The Genie 9100 HD PRO comes with its own dedicated radionic software written specifically for this machine.

The software can be linked via a structural link to your Genie 9100 HD PRO left running at home. After structural linking you will be able to perform powered radionic sessions on any computer from anywhere in the world, even if its Genie is thousands of miles away.

We pride ourselves in our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines, every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own it. Simply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge. 


Was $1497

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 Now ONLY $997 

 Includes Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty & Free radionic machines Software Bundle

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Genie 9100 HD PRO Psychotronic Mind & Radionics Machines
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Genie 9100 HD PRO Scalar Psychotronics Mind Machine wishing machines & homeopathic remedy copier
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