Radionics Machine Price List & Radionics Software Price List 2021

Current Radionics Machine Price List

Below you will find our latest price list it contains all our current Genie orgone generators & radionic machines for sale.

All prices on this page are in USD (United States Dollars) $.

All radionic machines and orgone generators on this entire website include Free World Wide Shipping, Free radionic software & Lifetime warranty


Radionic Machine Model

On Sale? Price in USD $ LINK

Genie 3000 Standard

Radionics machine Genie 3000




Genie 3000 Pro


Radionics Machine Genie 3000 Pro Manifesting

Yes was $675




Genie 9000 Pro


Radionics Machine Genie 9000 Pro Mk2

NA $997


Genie 9100 Pro

Radionics Machine Price List & Radionics Software Price List 2021




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Vortex Ring Orgone Generator

Radionics Machine Price List & Radionics Software Price List 2021

























Why Visit the Radionics Machine Price Page Again!

You can buy an Orgone Generator Radionic device without knowing how to operate it, but you can set it up and run it with Radionic Software very quickly with minimum knowledge. This is especially true with the Genie 3000 and also to an extent the Genie 9000 Pro, both very capable and powerful machines, but at the same time not too overly complicated to successfully master in a relatively short space of time.

If you are thinking of purchasing a radionic machine, and budget is a consideration, It would be a good idea to come back to visit this page quite often as we do have a lot of sales throughout the year.

Radionics Machine Price List

All Genie radionics machines have a free lifetime warranty and email support that the device must have as long as you own it. 

All the above radionics machines come with our radionic software bundle, rate books, free worldwide shipping, and our lifetime warranty.


Genie Radionic Machine Pro Radionics Machines

Genie 9000 Pro Hardcore Power

Radionics Machines Genie 9100 Pro Psychotronics Radionic Machine

Psionic Machines With Orgone Generator 3 For Manifesting

Manifesting Box Genie 3000 Orgone Generator Free Shipping

Genie 9000 Pro Orgone Generator

Old Genie 9000 Pro Version 1 Removed from Radionic Machine list

Radionics Machine Orgone Generator Genie 3000 Pro

radionics machines


radionics healing machineRadionic machine Genie 9000v4

Best radionics software radionic Manifestor pro 3

Best radionics software Radionic Manifestor pro 3


CyberWitch SpellCaster


radionic rates

All Include 2 radionic rate books


radionics machine price list

Radionics Machine Price List





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