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    hi maybe you guys can help me . ive come into to possesion of two instruments design and built by Dr, Ruth Drown herself. I live here in Los Angeles and found them in antique shop. they didnt what they were but said to have got them from her estate sale . im currently rebuilding the circuit for the camera as some connections have been disconnected. this whole topic is new two me as i did not know what these devices were until i did extensive research… i would like to modify or upgrade the circuits because technology obviously is much more sophisticated than it was back in 1935 plus ive become intrigued with the Drown Story. i also have her vibra ray fully in contact… please get back to me ASAP

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    And whats happened with the Zeus and with the Pyramid Chi Generator? They are not available actually?

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      Hi Julio
      The Zeus and the Pyramid Chi Generator were both custom builds for the same customer who got badly ripped off by a very unscrupulous and unfortunately very popular radionics device seller. All I could use from the original machines were the empty boxes (baring in mind he had spent $2000 on two machines full of junk and polystyrene, the polystyrene was packed in to stop it all rattling about! It was disgraceful!) I then custom made all the electronics and the active generator castings.
      Kindest regards

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    Hi Kieron,
    While researching radionics I came upon your website asolI am impressed.
    The reason for researching radionics is to find a solution to codling moth in an organic apple orchard.This is a problem that is very difficult to solve without using toxic sprays, ect.
    Would your machines work to solve this problem? and which machine would you recommend?
    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards, Chris
    PS. If Radionics could be used to stop birds from eating the ripe fruit , that woud certainly be a BONUS.

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    I don’t know how to use radionics machine.should i learn reiki to use this machine.which machine i should buy?does this machine help in decreasing anxiety and depression.do you people provide any book about how to use this?Plz reply me fast…

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    Which machine is used by homeopathic doctors?does these machines cure any kind of dieses?Can I measure my vibration with this machine?Do you people publish any book by which purchaser can choose any particular machine? I really don’t know anything about these machines.plz help me…

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